Keep those pearly whites…white with a whitening treatment. We offer many options that work best for you and your schedule.


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For the biggest boost in whitening, you’ll have about three 8-minute rounds of a strong bleaching gel carefully placed on your teeth. This appointment takes less than an hour.

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Custom Trays

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This is a great maintenance tool or a slightly slower whitening option than the in-office. This is often combined with the in-office option. Impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth. We fabricate a custom tray that fits your mouth specifically. You are provided a syringe of bleaching gel and place a small amount in the tray and where for 15-45 minutes.

This can be done every day for a week or two to whiten several shades or can be done every once in a while just to touch up that whiteness. The great thing is it’s in your control and can do whenever it’s convenient for you!

Crest Whitestrips

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This is similar to what you’d find over-the-counter, but the bleaching gel is at higher, professional concentration. You’ll get better results quicker than the over the counter option. This is a great option for teens, someone in Invisalign, or if you’re looking for a lower price point.

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