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Are you doing all you can to take care of your smile? See just how top-notch your oral hygiene routine is by taking this short quiz:

1. Do you floss daily?
2. Do you eat healthy meals, avoiding acidic and sugary snacks and enjoying foods high in calcium, phosphorus, and other enamel-saving minerals?
3. Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day?
4. Do you enhance your oral health care with mouthwash or sugarless gum after meals?
5. Do you attend consistent cleanings and oral exams with Dr. Brett Riche at The Dental Studio on 30th?
6. Do you wear safety gear, like a mouth guard or helmet, while playing extreme or contact sports?
7. Do brush your tongue and gums along with your teeth?
8. Do you avoid poor oral health care habits like smoking and drugs?
9. Do you avoid medications that can lead to dry mouth and tooth decay?
10. Do you consistently follow Dr. Brett Riche’s customized instructions for you?

Yes = 1 point
No = 0 points

0-3 points: Your oral health habits need significant improvement.
4-7 points: Your oral health care is average. There’s still ample room for an upgrade.
8-9 points: Excellent job – your oral health habits are inspiring.
10 points: Congratulations, you have confirmed that your smile is on the fast track to the finest health.

The Dental Studio on 30th remains dedicated to your oral health. You are invited to book an appointment with us by calling 505.592.0477. Stop by our dentist office in Farmington, New Mexico, and Dr. Brett Riche and our team will give you what you need.