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An effective oral hygiene routine is absolutely critical for having strong teeth and a healthy mouth. The oral hygiene products you choose are just as important as how you use them. Numerous research studies have found that multiple low sources of fluoride in your day will greatly strengthen your tooth enamel to help prevent tooth decay.

Most cities in the United States have fluoride additives in their drinking water. If you have well water, you should talk to your dentist or physician about supplemental fluoride. This can come in multiple forms such as fluoride tablets, fluoride enhanced toothpaste or gel.

Using a brand of toothpaste with additional fluoride is also an easy way to include fluoride into your daily oral hygiene routine. There are also several brands of antiseptic mouthwash that include fluoride additives.

If you are concerned that you don’t have enough sources of fluoride in your everyday life, you should talk to your dentist about a fluoride treatment. The treatment is rather short and can usually be applied after you regular dental checkup.

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