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A happy smile is a healthy smile, and the key to a healthy smile is a healthy diet. The foods you eat and a diet devoid of sweets are sure to keep your pearly whites at their brightest. Not only can tooth-healthy foods improve your smile, but they are also beneficial to your waistline.

Find your happy place with healthy foods. Here is a list of food habits that can help:

– Avoid Bad Foods: This includes buckets of sugars, carbohydrates, hard candies, sour candies, overly chewy sweets that stick to your mouth, and highly acidic foods.
– Skip the Snacks: Snacking between meals can increase your risk of tooth decay.
– Saliva Saves Smiles: Saliva in your mouth has been shown to neutralize harmful acids within your mouth and can be extremely beneficial in helping wash away food particles and other residue that can turn into plaque buildup.
– Strengthen Tooth Enamel: Calcium and phosphorus have been shown to re-mineralize our tooth enamel to better protect our teeth. Foods high in these ingredients include cheeses, nuts, milk, and various meats such as chicken.
– High water content: Similar to saliva, watery foods can wash away food particles and other residue. This includes apples and pears.

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