Composite Resin Fillings Are Effective for Repairing a Cavity in Your Smile

Here at in , , we understand just how much your smile’s appearance means to you. When one of your front teeth develops a cavity, it can hamper your self-confidence while also causing discomfort. To repair the tooth decay and restore your smile’s appearance our dentist can apply a composite resin filling. After taking some… Read more »

Establishing Good Oral Hygiene Habits Helps Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Your mouth is a very complex part of the body that is responsible for a wide range of responsibilities. Maintaining a healthy mouth is an important aspect of maintaining good quality of life. To help you address all elements of maintaining good oral health, Dr. offers the following insights and recommendations. The American Dental Association… Read more »

How to Decrease the Risk of Getting Oral Cancer

You probably know that there are several steps you should take to keep your teeth strong and healthy. For instance, you probably understand that brushing and flossing your teeth are very important. You may also understand that you should schedule regular checkups with our team. During these checkups, we’ll assess the health of your mouth… Read more »

Find Your Happy Place with Healthy Foods

A happy smile is a healthy smile, and the key to a healthy smile is a healthy diet. The foods you eat and a diet devoid of sweets are sure to keep your pearly whites at their brightest. Not only can tooth-healthy foods improve your smile, but they are also beneficial to your waistline. Find… Read more »

A Teen’s Oral Health Depends on Making Good Decisions

A teen’s oral health depends on making good decisions. As the last of your adult teeth grow in, it’s an important time to remember that they are the last set you are ever going to get, so from that day forward you must always protect them by cleaning them daily and making safe decisions. Some… Read more »

Tooth Infection vs. Tooth Abscess

While you’ve probably heard of a dental infection, do you know exactly what an abscess is? While the two issues are fairly similar, they actually have a number of important differences. Understanding these differences may help you have a better idea of what to expect when these issues are addressed. As you know, your body… Read more »

Dental Myths You may Have Heard

You probably know that there are a number of things you should do if you’re interested in keeping your teeth healthy. For instance, you probably know that you should brush and floss your teeth. However, would you be surprised to learn you may have been told a few things that aren’t completely true? For example,… Read more »

Healing After Tooth Extractions

If you are soon to have a pulled tooth or are currently recovering from a tooth extraction, it’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions as closely as possible to avoid any hiccups in recovery. Be sure to focus on what types of food and drink you can consume, and how often. By practicing safe recovery… Read more »

Tooth Decay Prevention: The Best Ways to Save Your Teeth

Your smile is prone to tooth decay. In fact, if you’re not careful, tooth decay can attack your smile and you can suffer from severe pain and perhaps tooth extraction. It’s best to avoid dental cavities as much as possible. To help you avoid them, our dental team has some tips for you. We encourage… Read more »

Protecting Your Teeth and Gums During the Festive Season

Protecting your teeth and gums during the festive season doesn’t have to be done alone. Our expert dentist at is here to serve you in all your needs. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic dentistry gift for the holidays, or are simply in need of a professional cleaning, we are here to serve you…. Read more »