Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with Optimum Teenage Dentistry?

Did you know that your oral health care often hinges on the decision you make early in life? In fact, as a teen we get the last of our adult teeth. Unfortunately, some teeth may not grow in properly, or there might not be enough space. Furthermore, with your wisdom teeth growing in, teens are… Read more »

Electric Toothbrush Benefits

Oral hygiene is vital for your oral health. It’s important to properly clean your smile twice a day so you can maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums. Now, if you’re trying to decide if you’d like to clean your smile with a manual or electric toothbrush, then don’t worry too much about it. Both… Read more »

Diabetes And How It Can Affect Your Smile

You may be unaware of how diabetes can affect your smile. Studies show there is a link between blood sugar control and gum disease. In fact, nearly 30 million people living in the U.S. have diabetes. So, how does that affect your smile and what can you do about it? Bacteria love to live inside… Read more »

The Ultimate Oral Health Care Quiz

Are you doing all you can to take care of your smile? See just how top-notch your oral hygiene routine is by taking this short quiz: 1. Do you floss daily? 2. Do you eat healthy meals, avoiding acidic and sugary snacks and enjoying foods high in calcium, phosphorus, and other enamel-saving minerals? 3. Do… Read more »

Does Water Flossing Work?

Flossing is a daily essential to oral health because it removes food particles and plaque from between the teeth. When there is less dental waste in the crevices of your teeth, the chances of tooth decay and gum disease dramatically decrease. It has been clinically proven repeatedly that flossing is an important daily routine, but… Read more »

Certain Medical Conditions Can Cause Chronic Dry Mouth

Dry mouth problems can be more than uncomfortable. In fact, decreased saliva production can increase your chances of suffering cavities and gum disease. Dr. urges patients to identify the cause of their dry mouth problems as an important preventative measure against oral health maladies. A new prescription medication, frequent alcohol consumption, and tobacco use can… Read more »

Bad Breath Can Be Treated With These Tips!

If you need help dealing with your bad breath, then you have come to the right place! Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is not fun to deal with and can be frankly embarrassing. That is why, our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about bad breath and how… Read more »

Composite Resin Fillings Are Effective for Repairing a Cavity in Your Smile

Here at in , , we understand just how much your smile’s appearance means to you. When one of your front teeth develops a cavity, it can hamper your self-confidence while also causing discomfort. To repair the tooth decay and restore your smile’s appearance our dentist can apply a composite resin filling. After taking some… Read more »

Establishing Good Oral Hygiene Habits Helps Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Your mouth is a very complex part of the body that is responsible for a wide range of responsibilities. Maintaining a healthy mouth is an important aspect of maintaining good quality of life. To help you address all elements of maintaining good oral health, Dr. offers the following insights and recommendations. The American Dental Association… Read more »

How to Decrease the Risk of Getting Oral Cancer

You probably know that there are several steps you should take to keep your teeth strong and healthy. For instance, you probably understand that brushing and flossing your teeth are very important. You may also understand that you should schedule regular checkups with our team. During these checkups, we’ll assess the health of your mouth… Read more »