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A teen’s oral health depends on making good decisions. As the last of your adult teeth grow in, it’s an important time to remember that they are the last set you are ever going to get, so from that day forward you must always protect them by cleaning them daily and making safe decisions. Some decisions that will be thrust upon teens may seem cool and worth trying in order to be accepted into the right social circles, but after the years have gone by and all the friends have parted, you may still be left with the decisions you made back then, especially in terms of your oral health.

Mouth jewelry is a key factor for oral health failure. Not only can mouth jewelry cause bleeding and serious infections such as hepatitis, but many pieces are also made of hard materials capable of easily cracking or chipping teeth. If that wasn’t enough, they are constant threats to break off and become choking hazards. Avoid mouth jewelry at all costs.

Sometimes, groups of teens find dangerous activities and habits cool. The riskier an activity seems to be, the more likely you may be persuaded to try it. However, there is nothing cool about permanently risking your physical or oral health just to impress others. This includes smoking or chewing tobacco, experimenting with dangerous drugs, and attempting high-risk adrenaline-producing stunts. Protect your smile, and your life by avoiding dangerous situations.

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